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Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958)

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Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958) Empty Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958)

Message  Predicta Mar 31 Mai - 20:11

Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958) 57_chr10

Here are some pictures of the 1958 D’Elegance styling study. Supposedly Exner was never very happy with this car, but nonetheless it is just chock full of embryonic design themes that he used in modified form on production cars within a few years

Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958) 1958_c11

- The greenhouse and sloping trunk profile went to the ’60 Valiant

- The sweepspear on the side of the car appeared on the Valiant, but going in the other direction

- The fin treatment with suspended lighting appeared on the ’61 Imperial

- The dashboard appears to be virtually identical to the 61-63 Imperial

- The taillight pods (minus the fins above!) appeared on the ’62 Dodge

- The eyebrows and hood shape appeared on the ’60 Imperial

Imperial D’Elegance Show Car (1958) 1958_c10

It is difficult to see in these photos, but the door handles are most unusual - the buttons are positioned right in the middle of the cut lines of the door openings. How did they work, how were they attached so they wouldn’t bind the unopened door, and what was the point esthetically?
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