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1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  Empty 1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -

Message  Predicta Lun 30 Mar - 10:35

"The Rose" is the 50th anniversary memorial tribute for the first chopped Mercury that Sam Barris completed and was recognized for on the cover of the December, 1951 Motor Trend magazine. "The Rose" is a 1951 Mercury in the original style of John's father, Sam Barris, using the advanced materials and technology of today. Sam was one of the founding fathers of the custom car industry and a consummate craftsman and innovator of custom cars in the 1950s. The concept of "The Rose" was to stay on the cutting edge of technology, while keeping the traditional Barris styling.
1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  15741510

1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  15741511

1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  15741512

1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  15741513

1951 MERCURY - THE ROSE -  15741514

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